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Author Swarm Ethics™ Advisor Europe

Concept developer, business accelerator, advisor, and people motivator with over 25 years of cross-continent and cross-industry expertise in Europe and US in IT, corporate ethics, and customer loyalty (trust).

In Paris, Katja started her professional career at the world leading strategic planning with Young & Rubicam, and later with Hill & Knowlton (PR-WPP). For 6 years, she was the manager of the first ever centralized relational database at Booz Allen & Hamilton in NYC. Participating in designing internal knowledge management infrastructures and loyalty programs for Fortune 500 clients, Katja soon became the European Liaison for high-profile strategic programs.

Back in Europe, she integrated a leading IT company in Paris as director of strategy. Helping start-ups to develop concepts and competitive business models by transitioning to novel IT systems.

In 2000, Katja led brick-and mortar leaders like Cartier, Lafuma, Intermarché, Facom or pharmaceutical powerhouses and banking groupings like the BEAC (Banque des États de l’Afrique Centrale) through the digital transformation and helped building a collective “esprit de transformation” internal culture.

For 12 years, and simultaneous to her international business career, Katja has been a highly committed professor of Information Systems and Business Linguistics at the Master in Logistics, Marketing & Distribution at the Sorbonne Management School. She directed over hundred final papers on various topics spanning from “Planned Obsolescence” or “Wearables” to “IoT in Healthcare” or “Supply Chain and Green Data”. She was also teaching several MBA classes at the Paris School of Business (PSB, formerly École Supérieure de Gestion – Haute École): “Agile Project Management” or “Ethical Leadership”, and as a Première in 2016, initiated the first ever “Data Ethics” class in France as part of the Data Analytics Master’s Program. With focus on privacy, cybersecurity, and applied Computer Ethics. Implementing innovative teaching techniques like “ethical battles” instead of traditional grading, she was pioneering novel ways of guiding students to collective cognitive and oratory excellence. Her classes measured the lowest level of absenteeism and the highest score of “student satisfaction”. Katja also completed one year as visiting professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, where she was teaching communication techniques to post grads; simultaneously she was pursuing a MBA at the A.B. Freeman School of Business in New Orleans (final thesis “Charisma in Leadership: Collective Orchestration – case study on Leonard Bernstein, the conductor.”). Thriving to bring people and cultures together, Katja speaks fluently five languages (Lu, Fr, De, It, En) and is a “going the extra-mile Sorbonnarde”; at her Alma Mater, the Sorbonne in Paris, she completed 4 complementary diplomas: applied linguistics and rhetoric (where early on she was introduced to traditional philosophical ethics by leading intellectuals at the Sorbonne), 19th century scientific literature (her thesis being the first ever thesis on the now famous visionary symbolist Villiers de l’Isle-Adam, featured in the most prestigious literary collection, La Pléiade), digital marketing (a magna cum laude thesis on “Digital Design as Competitive Vector in Corporate Communication), and publishing (with her investigative thesis on philanthropic publishing as sustainable business model). Katja Rausch is also the CEO of Karà editions, the first and only philanthropic publishing house in Luxembourg. She authored six books, and landed 3 bestsellers; her latest book “Serendipity ou Algorithme” (2019, in French) was the first ever book in Luxembourg to feature illustrations generated by AI – in 2019. In 2021, she founded the House of Ethics, which gained quick international reputation for its novel, original and timely perspectives on ethics. With Daniele Proverbio, she has been developing Swarm Ethics™ to fill a practical gap in modern digital business ethics; both are working on further research tangent to collective and decentralized cognitive business management. Katja’s articles on ethics, AI, and dataethics are published at Currently, a book on “Swarm Ethics™” is in the works co-written by the founding business advisors of Swarm Ethics™.



CEO of The Science, Entrepreneurship, and Investments Institute Advisor US

A distinguished and globally recognized thought leader, executive, consultant, trusted advisor, academician, innovation ecosystem builder and deep-tech entrepreneur. She is highly regarded for her exceptional academic credentials and her dedication to digital ethics advocacy for emerging and frontier technologies, as well as promoting integration of ethics and ESG principles in the corporate world. Her executive certifications from leading institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Columbia Universities, in addition to her affiliation with the University of Miami’s Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy, attest to her exceptional knowledge and expertise in the field. She holds an ethics certification by the National Institutes of Health, Bioethics certification from Harvard University, and was designated a certified human rights consultant by the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights.

Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes has made significant contributions to the ethics community by leading the Ethics Working Group for the World Metaverse Council and her former role as Chief Ethics officer for the Government Blockchain Association, as well as through her selected publications, which include her book chapter “The Art of Ethics in Blockchain for Life Sciences” (2022), her role as editor in the book “Impact of Women’s Empowerment on SDGs in the Digital Era” (2022), co-editor in “Applied Ethics in a Digital World” (2021) and “Digital Identity in the Era of Personalized Medicine (2022). Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes’s expansive expertise, commitment to ethics, and dedication to advancing digital innovation make her an influential figure in the intersection of science, entrepreneurship, and ethical practices. Beyond the international ethics arena, Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes serves as an Expert Advisor to the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum, Advisory Partner at Virtue Consultants, Executive Partner at GlobalReach BI, and holding several leadership roles at the World Business Angels Investment Forum and its Institutes, which is an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) chaired by Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Founder & CEO of the Institute for Science, Entrepreneurship and Investments, Board Member of the Partners in Digital Health Institute, as well as the Government Blockchain Association, where she remains the acting Chief Innovation Officer and Global Lead of the World Smart Cities Group, and a Women in AI Ambassador. Executive partner or advisor to Fortune 500 and UN-affiliated organizations. Most recent executive consulting engagements include the EU Central Bank and US Bank. Earned a Doctor in Medicine and an Executive Masters in Business Administration, and holds additional executive certifications in AI, Blockchain, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership. She continues to teach at the University of Miami Business School and the WBAF Business School, while serving as an Affiliate Faculty at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy, as well as the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights as a certified consultant. Member of the Forbes Business Council, and Co-Founder of the WBAF World Smart Cities Economic Development Commission. As an accomplished researcher, Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes has led a multitude of clinical trials, demonstrating her proficiency in managing a diverse research portfolio. Her vast knowledge is disseminated through over 200 lectures, seminars, grand rounds, and faculty development courses. She has garnered numerous recognitions and 30+ awards, most notably the WBAF World Excellence Award for Social Entrepreneurship, Award of Excellence in Research by Columbia University in New York City, and Teacher of The Year twice by the University of Miami, FL. Member of several prestigious professional organizations, including The World Diplomatic Institute, Global Diplomatic Forum, Tech Diplomacy Network, International Business Honor Society, Lifetime Fellow of the ACP, a Fellow of ACHE, Forbes Business Council, and a Member of IEEE. She has authored or co-authored books, book chapters, and guest-edited several scientific journals. She is TV/Media partner, author for Springer, guest editor for the Journal of JDSIS, contributor to several UN and EU collaborative reports, as well as a publishing editor at IGI Global and Frontiers Media.


Co-Author Swarm Ethics™ Advisor Europe

Scientist, writer, innovator, thinker. He dedicated the beginning of his career to promote local initiatives in Italy and Luxembourg, where he co-founded the Forum Ferdinando Rossi in Turin and served as president of the Luxembourg Regional Student Group for the International Society of Computational Biology. His studies in Physics of Complex Systems in Turin, interdisciplinary minors in Bioethics and Social Complexity at the Scuola di Studi Superiori “F. Rossi”, as well as his PhD at the intersection of AI, complex dynamical networks and computation, culminated in his prolific contribution to House of Ethics and to the development of the Swarm Ethics framework, together with Katja Rausch.
Dr. Proverbio is regarded for his outstanding academic track record,…

Dr. Proverbio is regarded for his outstanding academic track record, although early stage, for his commitment to the Luxembourg National COVID-19 Task Force, supporting the Ministry of Health, and for his dedication to science advocacy. He worked at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine and was visiting researcher at the University of Exeter (UK), as well as member of several international research groups. He is currently affiliated with the University of Trento (IT), where he pursues studies on the role of crisis and critical transitions in complex systems. In addition, Dr. Proverbio completed an MBA at Collège des Ingénieurs (Paris, Munich, Turin) and worked as business and marketing consultant at La Repubblica (GEDI). He advised S-Eye-S, a startup to assist rescuers after catastrophes, and Farmelody, for digital animal health. He received several awards for his PhD studies, including the FNR ESOF Travel grant for the EuroScience Open Forum 2022 and the COVID-19 Lung Lesion Segmentation Challenge top-10 award, from Nvidia, NIH and Children’s National Hospital. He is author of papers for Elsevier, IEEE and Springer, and member of the Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Society, the Complex Systems Society and the Società Italiana di Fisica. His commitment to ethical frameworks, management background and interdisciplinary outlook make him a peculiar figure at the crossroad of science, ethics and entrepreneurship.