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Our VIP Op-Ed Page aims to serve as a platform for experts like you to share their perspectives on the fusion of human and artificial intelligence in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Explore the transformative potential of collective, hybrid augmented intelligence and its impact in society, the economy and the future of work.

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INFLUENCE the discourse: Shape the conversation on Hybrid Augmented Intelligence and drive innovation.

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Simply reach out to us with your bio and a brief outline of your proposed OpEd. Our editorial team will work closely with you to refine and publish your insightful contribution.

OP-Ed Article – November 2023

Thank you to our co-founding member Daniele Proverbio for valiantly offering to contribute the first inaugural Op-Ed article:

Ethics in the Swarm: self-coordinating opinions and emergence“.

Daniele PROVERBIO is the co-author of Swarm Ethics™, Director of Interdisciplinary Research at the House of Ethics and is currently affiliated with the University of Trento where he works on Complex Systems and Artificial Intelligence.