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SWARM ETHICS™ - Collective Decentralized and Agile Ethics for the Digital Age

Competitive Advantage Booster

SWARM ETHICS™ boosts your company’s and product’s competitive advantage, and fosters unique synergy with enterprise needs in the digital age.

Whereas traditional ethics was used as a passive guide to format behavior, SWARM ETHICS™ serves as a proactive, collective and agile energy to propel the company’s DNA and build brand charisma.

First Ethical Framework for BANI World

SWARM ETHICS™ is the first ethical framework to fully address a BANI World (‘brittle’, ‘anxious’, ‘nonlinear’ and ‘incomprehensible).

The descriptive and functional VUCA frame (‘volatile’, ‘uncertain’, ‘complex’, ‘ambiguous’) does no longer effectively address emerging socio-technological challenges. The BANI frame, instead, fully embraces emotional intelligence and causal inferences of today’s non-linear hyper-connected world.

Swarm Ethics™ as a Transversal Resilience and Robustness Builder in Uncertain Times

Companies in need of Agility and Robustness in Digital Times

Recently the business world has witnessed how easily traditional ethics has been outpaced by disruptive technological changes. It became clear that companies need new ethical tools besides regulation to face fast-paced and large scale technological, ecological and human challenges.

Swarm Ethics™ thrives in uncertain and complex environments. The novel approach of implementing ethics is built on a collective anthropological approach to ethics different from  traditional cognitive ethics.

Swarm Ethics™’ collective frameworks are built on interaction-perception principles of collective intelligence versus hard-coded, slow and immutable old school ethics.

Values, choices and behaviors are shaped together in real-time according to emergent situations. This new organic shapeable value-system is agile and proactive, and robust and resilient at the same time. 

Swarm Ethics™ serves as an effective purpose setting and ethical framework using Key Ethical Indicators (KEI) to monitor ethical goals and directions.

As a flexible and decentralized framework, Swarm Ethics is fit for both large and small corporations. It brings ethical agility to large international corporations as well as it fits the agile and streamlined structures of fast-growing start-ups.

Swarm Intelligence
Collective Intelligence of individual agents building a Swarm for common Purpose
Emotional Intelligence
Mutuality and Empathy Drivers to amplify
Swarm Ethics™
Develop emerging collective ethics. Uses technology.
Industries ideal to implement Swarm Ethics™
Net Zero

Any company pursuing a net zero strategy can benefit form the organic framework Swarm Ethics as an agile and collective perspective builder is offering.

Genomics & Panomics

Genomics infrastructures as cross-industry hubs benefit at the fullest from the transversal and decentralized interactivity offered by Swarm Ethics.

Precision Health

The disruptive momentum in healthcare can be optimally bridged by implementing agile and robust collective Swarm Ethics frameworks.

Entrepreneurship / Startups Accelerators

Agile and fast start-ups are perfect for deploying fast and rapidly scalable collective Swarm Ethics.

Synthetic Data / Digital Twins

Logistics with far-flung supply-chains of product, information and data flow will benefit at the fullest by implementing agile and robust collective Swarm Ethics frameworks.


With human-machine relations the alignment of values and purpose of all stakeholders are of prime importance.

Web3/Industrial Metaverse / Omniverse

For VR, AR and any spatial computing the upholding of collective human principles and rights are of utmost priority.


In logistics the value chain guides success; the flow of data, and the flow of goods only is successful through the synergy of people.

Our Advisors in Europe and the USA

Swarm Ethics™ is a multi-disciplinary ethical framework for collective purpose definition fit for companies moving in complex and disruptive environments.


Founder House of Ethics, Author Swarm Ethics™ - Advisor Swarm Ethics™ Europe

Swarm Ethics™ is a powerful framework for designing effective ethical programs fit to address disruptive challenges.


CEO of The Science, Entrepreneurship, and Investments Institute, Forbes Business Council - Advisor Swarm Ethics™ USA

Swarm Ethics™ is a new ethics based on open interactive systems theory. It allows to shape proactive and agile collective ethics on each level of a company.


Scientist, consultant, Co-Author Swarm Ethics™ - Advisor Swarm Ethics™ Europe

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